Protect our 4.9 GHz public safety spectrum Future

Frequently Asked Questions

The Public Safety Spectrum Alliance (PSSA) is an alliance amongst the nation’s leading public safety leaders and associations. The PSSA is an initiative of the Public Safety Broadband Technology Association.

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Supporting a Fully Operational Public Safety Broadband Network Using 4.9 GHz

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – If the 4.9 spectrum is assigned to the FirstNet Authority, will it be handled like Band 14 in terms of both commercial and public safety use with Priority and Preemption for public safety?

A – The FirstNet Authority Board is comprised of public safety members and commercial experts and exists exclusively to represent public safety interests in governing their broadband network. As such, we have confidence that the FirstNet Authority will appropriately exercise its fiduciary to deploy the 4.9 spectrum to the benefit of public safety.

Q – What will happen to the approximate 3200 current licensees of the 4.9 spectrum?

A – The FirstNet Authority would be required to develop a spectrum plan for the 50 MHz of spectrum at 4.9 GHz that allows for the continued support for existing public safety licensees while also allocating a portion of the spectrum for 5G technologies potentially integrating it with the FirstNet NPSBN.

Q – What are the expectations of the FirstNet Authority if the 4.9 Public Safety Spectrum is assigned to FNA?

A – Because FirstNet exists by and for public safety, we believe the FirstNet Authority would use prudence in determining how to best use the spectrum for public safety.

Q – What is the predominant use of 4.9 today with the current licensees?

A – The predominant use is point-to-point high-speed data/backhaul. As we move the public safety network into more rural settings where fiber assets are often impractical, having this solution available is important for public safety.


Protect our 4.9 GHz public safety spectrum Future



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