How to File a Letter of Support for the PSSA with the FCC

A simple guide to file your letter of support of the initiative to protect public safety 4.9GHZ spectrum.

  1. Gain access to Submit a Standard Filing here:
  2. *In the first field labeled Proceeding type 07-100, in the Matter of Amendment of Part 90 of Commission’s Rules
  3. *In the next field, enter your name and hit Return
  4. *Type of Filing, click the drop down menu and scroll down to select Letter
  5. *Continue through the form, filling out all pertinent information.
  6. Click or drop files in the field below. Accepted formats include: .docx, .doc, .pdf, .xlsx, .xls, .txt, .pptx, .ppt, .rtf (Max 100 MB)

Please feel free to cut and past the language below, put it in your own words, or fill in your own personal thoughts. Proposed language to include in your letter: 



Marlene H. Dortch 
Federal Communications Commission 
45 L Street NE 
Washington, DC 20554

RE: Letter of Support for the Public Safety Spectrum Alliance – Amendment of Part 90 of the Commission’s Rules, WP Docket No. 07-100

Dear Ms. Dortch:

I support the position and comments of the Public Safety Spectrum Alliance (PSSA). The 4.9 GHz spectrum should remain solely for the use of public safety. I am opposed to sharing this spectrum with commercial users and dispersing the management out to the states. The most logical step to take is to put it in the stewardship of the FirstNet Authority. 

The PSSA has advocated for, and supports the following key principles for management and use of the 4.9 GHz band, and urges the Commission to adopt the same:

  • The Commission must protect and preserve the 4.9 GHz nationwide spectrum for public safety use.
  • Incumbent public safety licensees must be protected.
  • The Commission should assign the 4.9 GHz spectrum to a single nationwide licensee on behalf of public safety. This will prevent an unwieldly patchwork of deployments across the nation and create the economies of scale necessary to speed deployment by maintaining a consistent set of build out regulations and creating the necessary incentives for the proliferation of new equipment and technologies.
  • The FirstNet Authority, as the entity tasked by Congress to (i) ensure the deployment of, and (ii) oversee, the NPSBN, commonly known as FirstNet, has demonstrated that it has both the experience and relationships with public safety nationwide to not only successfully deploy a nationwide network for public safety, but to have done so in a manner that has fostered nationwide competition of products and services for public safety, and provided improved tools at lower cost to our nation’s first responders. The FirstNet Authority’s Board of Directors is comprised, among others, of active and retired public safety executives involved in the ongoing oversight of the NPSBN. No other entity managing spectrum has such strong public safety oversight. The Commission should leverage that experience and assign the nationwide license to FirstNet Authority. 
  • The Commission should not allow incompatible technologies that will cause interference to public safety. 
  • The Commission should select a nationwide band manager to work in conjunction with, and at the behest of the FirstNet Authority to help coordinate deployment and ongoing management of the band.

As such, I encourage the FCC support the position and key principles as outlined by the PSSA.


/s/ [NAME}