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Support a Fully Operational Public Safety Broadband Network Using 4.9 GHz

Public safety requires a dedicated radio and broadband spectrum to perform our duties in protecting the public. We depend on this spectrum for our radio systems and for our broadband data network needs. This was acknowledged in the 9/11 Commission report and Congress also demonstrated a deep understanding of the importance of a dedicated public safety network when they created The FirstNet Authority in 2012.  The Federal Communications Commission has historically been a strong partner in protecting public safety spectrum. They have understood public safetys spectrum needs and supported us through their actions, such as the allocation of the 4.9GHz in 2002.  In March of 2018, however, the Commission issued the SIXTH FURTHER NOTICE OF PROPOSED RULEMAKING” signaling consideration for opening up the band to additional uses”. The end result could be an irreversible allowance of commercial use of the 4.9 GHz band that should remain solely used for public safety.

The demand for spectrum and reliable data speeds within public safety has soared over the last 6 years due to a growing reliance on mobile broadband technology. The FCC’s original vision to allocate the 4.9 spectrum for public safety is only now becoming relevant.  

We ask that the FCC take action this year to allocate and license this spectrum to The FirstNet Authority, which has a dedicated mission and proven track record of supporting public safety, so that they may manage it in the best interest of public safety.

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Through my signature on this petition, I am endorsing the following actions:

By signing this petition, we agree that although the band may be underutilized today, allowing contamination of the band by commercial user is not the solution. We the petition signers believe the best resolution is to:

  • Protect and preserve 4.9 GHz nationwide spectrum for public safety use.
  • Assign the 4.9 GHz spectrum to the FirstNet Authority on behalf of Public Safety.
  • The FirstNet Authority would be required to develop a spectrum plan for the 50 MHz of public safety spectrum at 4.9 GHz. This plan would allow for the continued support and protection of existing public safety licensees while also allocating a portion of the spectrum for 5G technologies and potentially integrating it with the National Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN).

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